Day 92: And I’m Back

Wow I can’t believe I’ve been away for 3 months! So much has gone on! School has definitely been interesting and pushing through the days. I’m grateful to have the job but I know there is something bigger for me out there. I want to be successful and let my light shine and use all the talents God gave me,and I know I’ll be doing something else besides teaching to fulfill that.

In the boy category its definitely been a whirlwind. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m ready to meet my person and live happily ever after. I’v been dating a few different guys for a while now and its stressing me out. I know that the guy God has for me is somewhere out there and I can’t wait to meet him.

Lastly cheerleading has been a roller coaster of a ride. Its still crazy to think that I’m a professional cheerleader but now that games have started it definitely feels real. My friendships have changed and I’ve become not so close with old friends and super close with my teammates. Sometimes it seems people who you thought were your friends, aren’t as happy for you as you think they are. But I’m grateful to have amazing awesome teammates who have become like sisters. Exercising has become a way of life and I’m excited to see the changes I can make with my body. I’ve got some crazy awesome fitness goals and I have this awesome aesthetic in my mind and I can’t wait to accomplish it.

For a while I got so wrapped up in life that I forgot how therapeutic writing is for me. I don’t want to stay away for another 3 months so I’m going to work on remembering to write at least once a week.


Day 360-364: Dream Come True

Wow!!! Amazing news!! I made the team and I’m now a professional NBA Cheerleader! God is so good! I’ve prayed and worked hard for so long and now I’ve finally accomplished my dream of becoming a professional cheerleader. The major thing I can tell you is to never give up! Last year when I didn’t make the team I was so sad…borderline depressed. But I used that as motivation to keep pushing and to keep working harder to achieve my goals and try again this year. During my transition year I worked on getting a full time job, and took many dance classes and basically lived in the gym so that I could fulfill this major goal of mine. And with hard work and determination and lots and lots of prayers I made it! I had an amazing team of friends and family who were supporting me and cheering me on along the way. I’m so blessed to have them!

Day 346-359: Things Are Looking Up!

My life has been super busy and hectic lately. But good busy and hectic haha. I’ve officially gotten my teaching job and signed a contract. So two years and some change after graduating college, I’ve finally locked in a full time job! I’m so incredibly grateful for this blessing and opportunity. I will be teaching at the high school I went to so that makes it even sweeter. A lot of my former teachers are still there so I’m hoping they will be great mentors. Oh and in other news I had the preliminary and semi final round of my cheerleading auditions today. At the end of the day when they announced the finalists, I was the last number they called! It was so nerve wrecking but I’m excited to complete this journey and make the team!

Day 340-345:Having Fun Again

As I inch closer to cheerleading auditions I’ve had an awesome revelation. After the first prep clinic, the coach for the team I’m auditioning for reminding me to let all of my personality shine through in my dance. Then it hit me, I need to bring back the fun of dance. At some point dance stopped being fun and became a chore that I had to do in order to “be the best” and outshine my competition. But now I’ve realized it isn’t a competition. Its all about me showing the judges what I can do and why I deserve to be on the team. I’m so grateful that the Lord made this click in my mind before auditions. Its only a little less than two weeks away, so I’m super excited.

Day 326-339:Mini Break

Sorry I’ve been away from my blog so long I’ve been super busy prepping for cheerleading auditions. Lately I’ve been so focused on my health and fitness its like I have no time for anything else. I’m about 3 weeks out from my audition so I’m going to try to dedicate more time to my blog so I can document this crunch time.